The handover management of the Metro Transportation System of Riyadh, KSA

From Construction to Operation & Maintenance of a new mega infrastructure. The experience of an Independent Safety Assessor

Antonio CASTANO (1), Marco CORVINO (1), Andrea GATTI (2), Alessandro GAETANI (2), Giampaolo MANCINI (1), Carmine ZAPPACOSTA (1), Marco MAGNAROSA (1), Luca BECCASTRINI (1)
1 – Italcertifer S.p.A. (Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato), Rome\Florence, Italy
2 – Railway and metro rail systems consultant, Florence, Italy

Presented to WCRR 2022 in Birmingham – OP.30 Safety, security and certification


The presented paper is related to the “Safety and Security “assurance process issued to an Applicant Organisation by an Independent Body appointed for the assessment of the readiness to Operation and Maintenance of a Metro System to receive a Safety Certificate and Operating License from National Authority.
In particular, this paper covers the general requirements to be met and the methodology to be applied during the assessment accomplished by ITALCERTIFER (ITCF) and the activities carried out in the role of Independent Competent Person (ICP) throughout all phases of the inspection activities expected by the Saudi National Transport General Authority (TGA) to release the Safety Certificate and the Operating License for the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services of the Metro lines (3,4,5,6) of the city of Riyadh.
The safety assurance framework designed for the project is complex and includes several steps and milestones to be accomplished by various actors of the Project. One of the most delicate phases of the project is the handover from the Manufacturer, the Construction Consortium, to the Operator of the Metro.
The definition of the handover steps and the minimum safety requirements to be fulfilled for starting the Commercial Service is the challenge which has involved the ICP. A specific methodology has been developed for the assessment as described in the paper. The basis of the assessment is that the implementation of the maintenance, repair and renewal of assets and its organization and operation can keep the assets and operations as acceptably safe. The normative reference applied to the assessment activities is mainly formed by the KSA TGA Guidances.
Keywords: safety management system, assessment, operation, maintenance, metro