Stories from a recent past

This section of my website offer some articles and videos related to the second world war, mainly to the Engineer teams who played a key role in the support of the operations during the Italian campaign in the period following the Sicily landing (July 1943) to the end of war.

The Engineers was also involved in the rehabilitation of the main services (road, water pipes, electricity, monuments, etc), those activities was managed by the Allied Military Government. Such activities last also during the post war period.

Military Government of Italy was planned as a joint venture by an integrated force of British and American Civil Affairs Officers (CAOs).


The history of 1338th Engineer Combat Group – 337th Engineer General Service Regiment

Map showing Headquarters and bridges of the 169th ECB (1338th Engineer Combat Group)

The Traction Service of the Italian “Ferrovie dello Stato” and the Military Railway Service

American Rail in eight Coutries – The Story of the 1st Military Railway Service

The Whitcomb Locomotives Ne 120 series and the Military Railway Service


Hulon Lofton a Scarperia. Un nome in una didascalia e niente altro: questa storia inizia da una foto – video in Italian with English subtitles.